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What happens to my current Aflac coverage?

Premiums for the Aflac plans will be discontinued from payroll deduction. The last 2022 deduction will be taken from your final paycheck in December 2022. If you want to maintain your current Aflac policy, you can do so by calling Aflac to set up direct billing to pay premiums, at (800) 433-3036.

Note: If you currently have a claim with any of your current plan(s), Aflac will honor the claim and will pay benefits under the terms of the policy.

Group Accident Insurance

Accident insurance, provided through Aflac, helps pay for costs that arise from covered accidents. The plan provides 24-hour coverage, which means you can rest easy, knowing you’re protected. Aflac accident insurance pays cash benefits that you can use any way you see fit.

Stay current with COVID vaccines and booster shots

Stay protected against COVID-19 by being up to date with your primary series vaccines and boosters.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated their COVID recommendations this fall:

  • Updated (bivalent) boosters became available September 2, 2022.
  • CDC recommends everyone stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines for their age group:
  • Getting a COVID-19 vaccine after you recover from COVID-19 infection provides added protection against COVID-19.
  • If you recently had COVID-19, you may consider delaying your next vaccine dose (primary dose or booster) by 3 months from when your symptoms started or, if you had no symptoms, when you first received a positive test.
  • People who are moderately or severely immunocompromised have different recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines.
  • COVID-19 vaccine and booster recommendations may be updated as CDC continues to monitor the latest COVID-19 data.

For additional recommendations and to see if you’re up to date visit the CDC website.

Physical wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

See your provider

If you have COVID-19 symptoms or believe you were exposed to a confirmed case of the virus, contact your health care provider immediately.


If you are enrolled in one of our Cigna medical plans, you can find information about coronavirus care and coverage by visiting Cigna’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

Contact Cigna at:


Group Number 3339080

Telehealth option

If you suspect you have COVID, you may want to visit a doctor via telehealth from the comfort of your home. Allscripts medical plan participants can get care through Cigna Telehealth Connection with MDLIVE. You and your covered dependents have 24/7/365 access to MDLIVE board certified primary care doctors and pediatricians by online video or phone.

Kaiser Permanente

If you are enrolled in one of our Kaiser Permanente medical plans, contact Kaiser at:

1-800-464-4000 (English)
1-800-788-0616 (Spanish)
Website: kp.org

Telehealth option

You can meet face-to-face with a doctor by video for the same high-quality care as an in-person visit.

Watch this video to learn more.

How to schedule:
Make an appointment online.
Call 24/7 at 1-833-574-2273 (TTY 711).

Emotional wellbeing

Emotional wellbeing

Employee Assistance Program is here for you

Significant changes in familiar routines and uncertainty about the future can lead to stress, anxiety or depression. Optum Live and Work Well, Allscripts’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, is ready to help with small issues, big problems and everything in between, such as:

  • Developing resilience and managing stress.
  • Getting past emotional issues or grief.
  • Addressing depression, anxiety or substance use issues.
  • Managing relationships during a crisis.
  • And more.

You and your family can access free support or get in touch with a licensed counselor anytime 24.7 by contacting the Live and Work Well EAP at:

  • 866.248.4094
  • liveandworkwell.com
    Access Code: 31003
    TDD/TTY: Dial 711 and enter the toll-free number listed above.

You can also access the EAP’s COVID-10 support center to find answers to frequently asked questions, articles, videos, coping strategies and more.

The EAP provides two additional programs that provide support when and where you need it:


Along with its many EAP resources, Optum Live and Work Well offers Talkspace, which lets you connect with a licensed therapist via private texting and live video sessions. You also have access to psychiatrist services and other online resources.

Once you register with Talkspace, you can:

  • Find a therapist using the online matching tool.
  • Start therapy within hours of choosing a therapist.
  • Receive daily responses.
  • Schedule live video sessions (when needed).
  • Download the Talkspace app.

To get started, call the EAP at 866.248.4094 to obtain an authorization code prior to registering (first visit only), choose a provider, and message anywhere, anytime. Or go to talkspace.com/connect for more information.

Sanvello App

On-demand help with stress, anxiety and depression

The Sanvello app is available to you at no extra cost as part of Allscripts EAP benefits. This top-rated self-help app uses clinically validated techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) – a type of psychotherapy that has been shown to be especially effective for individuals experiencing high levels of stress, or symptoms of anxiety and depression:

  • Visit liveandworkwell.com to download the Sanvello app.
  • Enter the Allscripts company access code: 31003 and select the Sanvello tile under Popular tools.

Contact MDLIVE for behavioral health care

If you are enrolled in an Allscripts medical plan, you have another resource to help with stress, depression, addiction or other mental health issues: MDLIVE behavioral health. You can see a counselor or psychiatrist using the MDLIVE website or mobile app through a secure, live video connection. Connect using your laptop or smart phone from anywhere you’re comfortable. Your provider will work to understand how you’re currently feeling as well as any important history, what you’d like to accomplish, and then work with you to identify the right treatment plan for you.

Contact MDLIVE: 

Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing

Talk to a money coach

Allscripts offers free money coaching for employees and their families. These one-on-one phone sessions are confidential and conducted with certified financial planners, tax experts, and family law and estate planning specialists. Discuss subjects like debt, credit, spending, mortgages, loans, taxes, retirement, investing and more. Schedule by calling 888.724.2262 or going online to cigna.mysecureadvantage.com.

Retirement financial advice

CAPTRUST is an independent investment advisory firm that provides investment advice to Allscripts associates who need help navigating their retirement benefits. CAPTRUST will not sell you any products – their services are made available to you as part of the Allscripts Retirement Savings Plan.

The easiest way to make an investment advice phone appointment is to schedule it online at www.captrustadvice.com or you can call CAPTRUST at 800.967.9948.